Millennium is committed to showing environmental stewardship. We actively engage in green practices within our day-to-day operations. We recognize the importance of treating the environment with care in everything we do. And it is our responsibility to treat natural resources with the respect they deserve so they will be available to future generations.

Many of Millennium’s recommendations for remediation incorporate waste minimization, reduced water usage, resource conservation, reduced energy consumption and materials reuse and recycling. These practices save our clients’ money. We embrace the tenants of Business Owners and Managers Association’s 7-Point Challenge to reduce use of natural resources, non-renewable energy resources and waste production because we believe that when we act responsibly to preserve and protect the environment, everyone will benefit. We have three hybrid vehicles and incorporate sustainable practices wherever possible. This includes the use of recycled and/or recyclable products in daily operations (i.e. 30, 50, 100% PCW paper, chlorine process free; triclosan free hand cleaner, etc.). The use of Energy Star Compliant equipment, the incorporation of internal waste reduction and reuse protocol(s) and water and resource conservation activities, such as filtered tap water and the use of compostable food service products, etc., extensive recycling and energy saving devices.

Millennium is committed to showing environmental stewardship in our offices, our work with clients and in our surroundings every day. We will continue to look for more opportunities to reduce our use of natural resources for our clients as well as ourselves.



Photo Credit: Irene Davila