Ramil Indoor.jpg

Ramil Arcia

Director of Building Sciences

During my last class in college, I took an experimental class covering industrial hygiene, occupational environmental health, safety, and epidemiology, which I became quickly interested in. So I gradually steered more towards that than pure environmental engineering. I started off as an intern at City/County SF as a junior engineer (while in college at Cal Poly SLO). After graduation, I worked for IBM in San Jose for 2 years performing laser and superconductor magnet safety compliance, then settled here at Millennium. As the Director of Building Sciences, I enjoy the specific clientele interactions, learning new things from newer projects, and working with construction managers. I also enjoy working with my team whenever I get the chance. I take pride in working with the newest additions to the Millennium team to find their goals and seeing current members of the team achieve their goals. My hobbies outside of work are anything related to professional basketball, almost every geek-related genre, playing poker, movies, mixed martial arts, working out in any sport, cooking, and riding roller coasters.