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Amy Vincze

Corporate Communication Director

I have been doing marketing for the A/E/C industry for over 20 years - ever since I finished my degree in Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly, SLO. I did an internship with a planning firm in college and I loved the creativity involved as well as the fast pace environment of marketing. Since then, I’ve worked for large and small companies, preparing proposals, presentations, and marketing strategies. Currently, I am the Corporate Communications Director for Millennium Consulting Associates. I love that I’m constantly being challenged to take on new and unfamiliar responsibilities. It’s not always comfortable, but I really appreciate feeling like I’m growing professionally. It feels like a large extended family here, our mission to protect the health and safety of others inspires me, and we have a leader I have a lot of admiration for. We also have an exceptional team of people that are dedicated to their job and our clients. The people here really care about doing a good job and treating our clients with the respect they deserve. When I’m away from my work family, my life is filled with family, friends, and home improvement projects.