Millennium has nearly 20 years of experience in litigation support and expert witness services. Our team can provide comprehensive investigative services to gather information and data to support our clients’ needs. Methods include: video documentation of environmental conditions, sophisticated testing and analysis, using such techniques as DNA matching for mold litigation, forensic support for environmental cases, and many other techniques to provide important information in legal cases. Millennium has a proven track record in expert witness needs.

Millennium has provided expert testimony for a wide range of circumstances that could affect human health and safety which includes:

  • Asbestos and Lead Hazard Litigation

  • Moisture Intrusion/Causation and Mold Hazard Litigation

  • Environmental Safety and Health Litigation

  • OSHA Violation Correction Support

  • Environmental Due Diligence

  • Civil Engineering Legal Support


Photo Credit: Valery Evlakhov